"Everyone has the potential to bring the change, one just need a hand and the will to do better and accept the upcoming challenges in the path of success..."
– Mr. Sachin Ubale, Chairman, UBIPL

These words inspires our mission to facilitate a transformative change and build an inclusive India that envisions rural development, higher quality of life, empowerment of the youth to find their real potential, and help everyone realise the sense of responsibilities towards the community, surrounding and the Nation.

Ubale Brothers Foundation is an active commitment to the Nation and its development. Ubale Brothers Industries considers all the horizons of vast industries like Agriculture, FMCG, Realty, Dairy, and Infrastructure and believes in contributing to the base of the economy by establishing UB Foundation. UB Foundation focuses on critical areas like Healthcare, Education, Sustainable Livelihood, Infrastructure and espousing Social Causes. As these are the areas which in general slows down the individual growth: mentally, physically, and financially; which indirectly affects the economy being not supported by its base i.e. the people in the community. UB foundation envisions a Healthy, Prosperous, and Peaceful Society with Sense of Equality and where everyone has the right to a life of dignity and of higher quality.



At UB Foundation envisions improved public health, emphasizing on maternal health and health of children. We conduct activities like medical camps, free medical help to underprivileged, health awareness in the community.


We believe that a better economy is a result of a higher literacy rate. With this aim we promote the better educational supplement for the community specially underprivileged ones and give them equal chance of development.

Rural Development

Sustainable livelihood is our manifestation of Rural Development. UB Foundation works towards betterment of rural life, provides basic necessities, projects like clean village, rain water harvesting, etc.

Destitute Care

The key objective of UB Foundation is to develop the destitute part of the community and we stretch our wings for the empowerment of this part of community to maintain the balance and bring the happiness through their development.


To bring the awareness about the sense of equality and responsibility in the community, we conduct the cultural events like Hanuman Jayanti and Ramnavami, where people come together to celebrate these religious events and so serves its purpose.

Our Activities

Rain-Water Harvesting

With the aim of creating awareness about water conservation and rain water harvesting many landfills and farm ponds have been dug in farms and other required places in Maharashtra to start with, to provide sustainable water use practices ...

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Tree Plantation

We have established Environmental Plantations for watershed and soil protection; also for erosion control, landslide stabilization and windbreaks. In general, such plantations are established to foster native species and promote forest ...

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Child Women Welfare

India has the largest child population in the world and most number of working women. Though significant efforts have been made in the direction of health, nutrition, and education of children and women as their basic rights, there is lot more ...

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Senior Citizen Welfare

The world believes that India has best culture and cultural values, and through this senior citizen welfare project we are making sure it lives even with modernization in the country. We believe in recreation of village life ...

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Our Testimonials


I know Ubale Brothers Foundation, because of Sachin Ubale. He is applying a wide range of knowledge and relational skills to understand and build relationships, and works directly with individuals and their families to enable and empower them to achieve best outcomes...

Dr. R.D.Kokane
M.Sc. Ph.D.

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"शहरातले आजी - आजोबा, खेड्यातले पेईंग गेस्ट " - Renewal of your life, what more can one desire!

I have known Ubale Brothers and their part in social responsibility through Ubale Brothers Foundation since years. There is a place for everything. The Ubale Brothers as a business group is well known not only for their ethical, moral way...


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News & Events

Rotary Event

Ubale Brothers Industries is a holding company and has 6 sub companies to govern. Dairy, Agro, Retails, Infrastructure, Realty, and Foundation are the 6 subsidiaries and pillars of UBIPL. All the flagship brands of these subsidiaries are CYRA, USRA; The Snack Box; U:Life; Leafy Express; Vrinda.

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Press Conference

Sheharatle Aaji Aajoba Khedyatle Paying Guest is an initiative by Ubale Brothers Foundation under the Senior Citizen Welfare program. We have planned a stay in villages for every interested senior citizen.

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