"Everyone has the potential to bring the change, one just need a hand and the will to do better and accept the upcoming challenges in the path of success..." – Mr. Sachin Ubale, Chairman, UBIPL

These words inspires our mission to facilitate a transformative change and build an inclusive India that envisions rural development, higher quality of life, empowerment of the youth to find their real potential, and help everyone realise the sense of responsibilities towards the community, surrounding and the Nation.

Ubale Brothers Foundation is a part of Ubale Brothers Industries, a very energetic, passionate and determined business group headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. UB Foundation has been established in 1998 under the visionary guidance of director of the organization Mr. Sachin Maruti Ubale, aiming to renew his commitment towards the community as well as the nation. He has taken into due consideration all the horizons of vast industries like Agriculture, FMCG, Realty, Dairy, and Infrastructure. We, at UB Foundation strive to provide the quality education along with higher quality of life. We are a determined enterprise dedicated to encourage the betterment of the nation, mainly through the growth and development of community and rural sectors. Our focus areas are healthcare, education, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure and espousing social causes.

The quality of education and sense of better living make the strong base for the development of community and thus that of the nation. This is main reason for Ubale Brothers Foundation's vision of the better standard of living and higher literacy rate in the community to start with. We envision a Healthy, Prosperous, Peaceful Society with Sense of Equality and where people specially Women and Children are at high priority of basic needs and rights and everyone has the right to a life of dignity and higher quality life.

Mr. Sachin M. Ubale – Trustee, Ubale Brothers Foundation

Visionary entrepreneur Mr. Sachin M. Ubale is the chairman and director of Ubale Brothers Industires Pvt Ltd and has established Ubale Brothers Foundation in 1998. He always had the interest towards working for the development of the nation through the betterment of the community. He has taken many initiatives towards empowerment of the every part of the community, specially the weaker and underprivileged part of the community. He has always loved to spread happiness through every life he touched in his way towards the success of vision of Ubale Brothers Foundation.