1.Rain Water Harvesting

Harvesting rainwater can reduce the use of drinking water for landscape irrigation. Coupled with the use of native and desert-adapted plants, rainwater harvesting is an effective water conservation tool because it provides "free" water that is not from the municipal supply. Water harvesting not only reduces dependence on ground water and the amount of money spent on water, but also reduces off-site flooding and erosion by holding rainwater on the site. Rainwater is a clean, salt-free source of water for plants. In addition, rainwater harvesting can reduce salt accumulation in the soil which can be harmful to root growth. When collected, rainwater percolates into the soil, forcing salts down and away from the root zone area. This allows for greater root growth and water uptake, which increases the drought tolerance of plants. Limitations of water harvesting are few and are easily met by good planning and design.

Ubale Brothers Foundation has done the research and study over the subject of less farm production and reduced quality of organic products and found that quality of water and salt proportion in water also affects the fertility of soil. Also, the Rainwater is a clean, salt-free source of water for plants. Once urban areas started to develop, large, centralized water supply systems replaced the need to harvest water. With the aim of creating awareness about water conservation and rain water harvesting, we have dug landfills and farm ponds in farms, where water supply was the main reason behind less farm production, and conducted projects like Roof catchment, channel, and planted landscape holding area at various places in Maharashtra to provide sustainable water use practices. All these small but important projects completed by UB Foundation at various places have very effective results over the period. Register Here


2.Tree Plantation

We the Humans have exploited natural resources to a great extent in last few centuries and as a result we all are sitting at the verge of many climatic disasters and other major catastrophe. And to conserve the environment and reversing the climate change one of best answers is Tree Plantation. Saving the environment may seem like tedious task from a point of view of an individual, however, we are not as helpless as it may seem at a first glance. In fact, people have been shown to have the power to change the world if they really want to. In the era of global warming, UB Foundation is contributing its share in making the environment greener and safer.

'The best time to start a Tree Plantation was 20 years ago. The second best time is now'. This is the main saying we believe in. Tree plantation is an environmental initiative by UB Foundation that aims to make the earth greener and reduce the effect of global warming. We have established Environmental Plantations for watershed and soil protection; also for erosion control, landslide stabilization and windbreaks. In general, such plantations are established to foster native species and promote forest regeneration on degraded lands as a tool of environmental restoration.

We invite you to join hands with us to plant trees, to get involved and to contribute for a greener tomorrow. Register Here


3.Child Women Welfare

If you want to develop a nation, you have to develop the main source of the thought i.e. Children and Women of that nation. India has the largest child population in the world and most number of working women. Though significant efforts have been made in the direction of health, nutrition, and education of children and women as their basic rights, there is lot more to be done for their development and welfare.

MR SACHIN M. UBALE has renewed his commitment and determination to give the highest priority to the basic needs and rights of children and women through establishing UBALE BROTHERS FOUNDATION which is one of successful initiatives by his main holding company; UBALE BROTHERS INDUSTRIES PVT LTD.

Medical Camps, Notebook Distribution, Free Health Check-ups etc. are one of the few regular projects to be named under the work of Ubale Brothers Foundation. The main responsibility of this foundation is to develop underprivileged Children and Women to the level of independence, as this is source of every development and changes everyone wants to see for the Nation. The development of any nation is decided on basis of per capita income as well as the standard of living of individuals of that nation and this is where we are working on by providing the basic needs and rights like education, health check-ups, etc. which will affect directly to the sense and standard of living of every person and thus to his development and sense of responsibility towards the country. Register Here


4.Senior Citizen Welfare

The world believes that India has best culture and cultural values, and through this senior citizen welfare project we are making sure it lives even with modernization in the country. We believe that people have shifted to cities ages ago and villages seem empty for them. Through this project we are reconnecting every senior citizen to their long last and most likeable place i.e. their village.

Ubale Brothers Foundation conducting a project to encourage the reconnection of wise and urban old age with the young and able minds especially in rural sector, which can assure the transformative change in the surrounding and brings the peaceful, cultural era back to every corner of the nation. We believe in the words that represents the change at bigger level starts with the change in base level and when the wise thoughts of our senior citizen will reach and work with the young minds everywhere, especially in rural sectors, the initial spark for the revolution we are looking for since ages will be seen.

We have already planned for the staying of senior citizens in the village at comfortable places with availability of all necessary amenities and calm, peaceful environment. You will be able to feel the morning freshness, smell of organic farms, and get to know the farming processes and reconnect with the old, shaded memories of childhood. We assure the changes you planning to get in your busy life since ages, which will refresh and rejuvenate you for the rest of your happy, long life. Register Here Read More