I know Ubale Brothers Foundation, because of Sachin Ubale. He is applying a wide range of knowledge and relational skills to understand and build relationships, and works directly with individuals and their families to enable and empower them to achieve best outcomes. The skill of Ubale Brothers Foundation includes undertaking assessments, planning care and support and making the best use of available resources. Ubale Brothers Foundation enables people to experience tailored, integrated care and support them to maintain their independence and well being, attain the outcomes they want, understands and manage risk, and participate in the life of their communities. Ubale Brothers Foundation focuses on the links between the individual, their health, well-being and their need for relationships and connection with their families, community and wider society. Ubale Brothers Foundation understands the impact of poverty, disparity and diversity on social and economic opportunities. I personally wish this foundation a great success in endeavor.

Dr. R.D.Kokane
M.Sc. Ph.D.

शहरातले आजी - आजोबा, खेड्यातले पेईंग गेस्ट - Renewal of your life, what more one can desire!

I have known Ubale Brothers and their part in social responsibility through Ubale Brothers Foundation since years. There is a place for everything. The Ubale Brothers as a business group is well known not only for their ethical, moral way for leading the business but also for their awareness about the social responsibility, their responsibility towards the community. In today's world running the business transparently is itself a social responsibility. However, going a step further is what Ubale Brothers Foundation is meant for. The best thing about Ubale Brothers Foundation is that one can still see the same enthusiasm and efforts in all the activities by Ubale Brothers Foundation. Right now the main focus of the Foundation is in areas like Health, Well Being, Job Creation and Looking after the needs of elders. They have set their goals and have started working in the same direction and following all rules and regulation.